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    Maritime Consultancy

Our brief. Our track record.

The brief that our clients give us is broad ranging: improve current operations, test new ventures, analyse future trends.

Whatever the brief, Pivot's commitment is unchanging: provide professional, independent, objective, and reliable results.

Our track record for delivering these results is well established in the maritime industry.

Consultancy services

Simulation studies

ECDIS systems compliance audits

Design, development and implementation of ECDIS procedures

Evaluation and analysis of ECDIS operational use

Navigational competency assessments

Vessel handling/shiphandling competency assessments

Analysis of technological developments in commercial shipping and defence industries

Assessment of ports, shipping operations and maritime logistics

Maritime audits

Cost-benefit analysis

Industry reviews

Risk management assessments

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Capability Statement

We will be happy to provide clients with a statement of our capabilities in specific areas of inquiry. Please contact us and let us know your requirements.